In today’s market with tough competition it is important to optimize the whole production process from RnD to finished product. There are many processes involved and a man is no longer able to optimize and analyze the whole process from A to Z. Therefore our lean production software can help out and improve your margins and ensure that you focus on the right processes.

The software consist of several modules involving many processes in a normal production facilities. Software is self-learning and it therefore takes time before the benefit can been seen, but when there, we ensure that there is no way that you would go back.

The lean ideology is to focus on non-value added time and minimize it. This means, in an assembly line, that for each assembly process, the process has everything what is needed.

Concerns involved are:

  • Trained personnel
  • Right tools
  • Right parts
  • Instructions
  • Good drawings

Our software will help your company ensure this by analyzing the whole assembly process, beginning with the parts bought from a supplier until the assembly is finished and ready to be delivered to the customer.

In comparison to other software available on the market, our software is customizable, can be changed according to your needs and integrated with your current system. The self-learning feature and statistics make sure that you are ready for unplanned event such as non-conformance or all of the meetings.


Example version of the software